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We practice an honest, straight-forward
approach to consultancy through simplicity,
relationships and dependability.

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Demarken Group’s proven methodology is based on synchronising the three core elements of any business; elements which when not in alignment can limit or cripple your organisations operational capability.


Fundamental to Demarken Group’s approach is to get people, equipment and processes working together to ensure a synchronised business operation – regardless of industry.

Our uniquely experienced team of Operations Managers will use simple methodology to understand your business from the inside out. Not only do we provide you with expert advice, we also take a hands-on, practical approach by supporting you to implement these solutions. With continuous improvement top of mind, Demarken Group’s strategic and operational management techniques offer a fresh grass-roots perspective to business improvement. Our improvement methodology is based on tried and tested practices used by world class manufacturers for many decades.

‘Improving’ at the same time as ‘Operating’ is not easy. We understand this problem very well and our thinking is hardwired towards achieving tangible and consistent improvement over the long-term, in a practical way. We will help you deliver on your strategic agenda and operational goals through effective systems and processes, reliable assets and empowered people.

Demarken Group are your ‘Mechanics for Business’.

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Rather than working only from a top down, executive level approach, Demarken Group work with all clients from the ground up with a level of detail that effectively ‘pops the bonnet’ on your organisation, to understand where the real problems are.

This hands-on approach to supporting organisations is based around the values of an honest, down to earth mindset. We work with you - and for you, to implement effective, practical improvements and see them through until you are operating at the optimal level for your business model.

Keenan grew up in regional Queensland with a heavy industry background and a deep understanding of how people, processes and equipment interplay in effecting business capabilities and outcomes. His strategic, solutions-centric mentality and approachable demeanour bring a unique perspective to business consultancy.

Welcome to Demarken Group.

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How we think.

The three guiding principles behind Demarken Group’s philosophy; people, equipment, and processes, are the backbone to every single business - from sporting clubs through to private enterprises and international corporations.

What we do is get these fundamental operating principles working for your business, through a hands-on and methodical approach. With experience across the management of human resources, assets and operations, Demarken Group’s simple philosophy is geared towards solving problems and improving organisational performance.

This approach is rooted in deep thinking and an implicit understanding of how the three elements of the triangle both interact and affect each other; a structure that can be applied to every single business model.

We will help to make it clear where the problems in your triangle are, then get our hands dirty to help fix these problems in a sustainable way.

Our proven improvement philosophy has determined that regardless of size and capability, all aspects of your business fit within this business triangle. The real difference that Demarken Group will make however, is in applying this methodology in a way that suits your individual business for effective, practical results that will last long into the future.

What makes us different?

Demarken Group are ‘Mechanics for Business’.

Our Director, Keenan Jansen, hails from a regional upbringing and an operational mindset. His industry roots have provided him with an understanding of all levels of business operations, and he isn’t afraid to put some boots on and get the job done.

This is where Demarken Group differs from traditional consultancy firms. We don’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach – our triangle philosophy is completely malleable. This means it can be company specific, while still aligned with the core Demarken Group principles. We won’t leave you with a set of recommendations and walk away; we’ll stay with you for every part of the process to help effectively manage improvement and change based on expert, trust-worthy support from people with real-life Operations Management experience.

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We practice an honest, straight-forward approach to consultancy through simplicity, relationships and dependability.

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